Knowing what guests need to enjoy their stay, and innovating products to enrich their experience - that’s our passion and the very heart of Emberton.

We are a British owned company, with a history spanning over 25 years, dating back to the English village of Emberton. With an experienced international design and development team spending thousands of hours as guests, we innovate and develop guest room products for the global hotel industry.

Design, Innovation and creativity is our mission, with safety, robustness and reliability all built into a professional range of guest room products to meet the toughest guests.

We work closely with a panel of experienced hoteliers in understanding trends and habits, who help us to scrutinize and review our product innovations all the way from development to production.

Whether you’re an independent hotelier or a global chain, we know you want your guests to enjoy their stay with maximum convenience. That’s why we continue to develop the best innovative and reliable products to help you meet the needs of today’s guests, and find out what they are likely to need next.

Emberton products are available through a global network of specialist hotel supply distributors, with professional support and service to match the expectation of the Emberton brand and its promise.